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The company J. & K. GRAMMATIKAS S.A. (ARGO), a pioneer in innovative but also in studying the needs of its customers, introduced in the Market, two new types of carriers for hoisting-transport-launching large boats, a new type of trailer relating mainly to professionals in Hauling/ Launching / Maintenance (Dockyards, shipyards, Parking, Marinas) and also for transportation of large yachts, sailboats, professional fishing boats e.t.c.

The first type, ARGOLIFT I, is a trailer in U shape (OPEN BACK) for easy and unobstructed deposition, has 8 back wheels and 4 in front in a double mill for maximum stability, hydraulic lift 6 or 8 points with folding ‘arms’ combined with hydraulic bottle with chromed piston, independent hydraulic drive units and throttling valve, possible to connect at any source of hydraulic pressure through couplings (tractors, Unimog, forklift, track etc). The ARGOLIFT I, exists in versions of 12, 18 (standard edition) 25 and 30 tons, but there is always the possibility of studying a larger size.

The second type, ARGOLIFT II, has a completely different philosophy, both manufacturer where all the chassis in U shape, is extendible hydraulically (change in length-width-height), and in practice, since it is ‘trailer’ (it has only behind wheels) that maneuverable in a unique way and awesome easy to use even in very limited space .This is also a trailer in U shape,due to receive the bases of support within, the front drawbar are folding, has 8 wheels in system 2 independent group of four each side in folding ‘lever’, embracing any terrain, but also give height to the trailer, like the 4 hydraulic bottle with double rubber soles embracing the boat and lifted in a perfect way. All the control exercised by a hydraulic drive of 9 levers at the forward point of the trailer (hitch) for complete control of all movements and ,of course, to all the hydraulic bottles of the trailer are loaded safety valves that in case of hydraulic pressure loss are locking so the trailer keep safe the vessels in each circumstances. The ARGOLIFT II is a trailer that has no limitations on the type of vessel that could be loaded, but it is particularly handy for difficult vessels such as yachts and specially catamarans sailboats. For the ARGOLIFT II, there are currently 2 types one of 25 tons and one of 38 tons.

Very soon, our company will present a third series of hydraulic heavy duty trailer self propelled, that by combining with Travel Lift will be ideal for confined spaces, and bulk storage vessels.

More information, deals, offers, photos and video like, you can also find the company's website and phone 0030 2428076670.



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